PR Featured Articles Specifically for Verification (non-indian)

Service type: i am providing a PR of 13 Articles in a reliable sources that guarantee verification.

We already verified many clients offsite with these articles (don’t worry none of them are blacklisted) mostly all is accepted in wikipedia and indexed in google news. All articles are featured.

We provide Forbes, entrepreneur, influencive & all the famous sites.

All the news media are High DA.

You can also purchase 1 article at a time and pay / article

Price: 6,500 USD for 13 Tailored article about you or your brand.

Delivery Time 1 week to 2 weeks for finishing 13 articles.

Does these articles help with verification: These articles are tailored for verification, we haven’t got rejected on any verification application we applied for.

Do you have a price List: Yes we have a price please PM me for details.

Payment: I prefer getting paid by BTC

We give 2 weeks time so the articles doesn’t look like paid

PS We can submit Verification also for VIP Members only without any prepayment to prove our legitimacy

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PM me price list please

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Please PM price list

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