Premium 400k+ Follower IG Account - 2.3 MILLION Reach - Best offer gets it this week!



I have an Instagram account with over 400,000 unique followers. It is not uncommon for video posts to reach the explore page and get over 200,000 views. The Instagram insights say that the reach is over 2.3 million (screenshots of insights below). Also nearly 4.4 million impressions.

I’m just trying to sell it as I’m a student and need money for next year’s tuition / living expenses. Best offer gets the account (must be a reasonable offer of course) :slight_smile:

Let me know any inquiries in DMs.




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Thank you and good luck with sales!


Hello Seb, please PM me the best offer thus far and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks!


Dmd you


Please send link and price


Pm me the price please want to purchase asap


Hello everyone,

Could I please lock / remove this post. The account is no longer available.

Turns out the account I purchased (the 400k I was selling) was a hacked profile, the original owner contacted me and showed me proof that he was scammed. I gave the account back to him and lost my investment in the account. I am no longer selling it nor am I the owner anymore.

Please be careful when purchasing accounts elsewhere or off of swapd. There are many scammers in this industry.

Sorry for creating a post that ended this way.



Jason could you read the above I just wrote. Please remove / lock this post due to these circumstances.


Please pm me the best offer you have and the page handle and i’ll see how much i can offer


Closing Thread - Bravo Seb for helping out that account owner!

No need for any apologies.



+1 for seb. I know the pain. I had to do the very same a couple of times.