Premium domains: +

Domain name: +
Price: $3500 for both

High value domain , to the serious ones I can offer one more valuable domain for some fun money or even for free
Valuable keyword: legal is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $1845.

Popular keyword: legal is a widely used keyword.

Memorable: is easy to remember.

“Legal” is a high value keyword, that’s great. but it has nothing to do with the domains you’re selling.

I can’t think of anything anyone can do with these domains.

What can one do with or it makes no sense


You can sell at least different assurance, investing services regarding the domain .
With the domain the sky is the limit : assurance, legal services, upselling places for travel and so on .

I wouldnt want my company to be under the domain “”, especially for an investing services. It looks shady.
Everything u mentioned for both domains is irrelevant in my opinion.

GL with the sales!

it is your opinion , thank you and good luck to you too

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