Premium Gaming slots for IG

Hello Swapd users,

If you are looking to grow your (personal/business) Instagram page this is your opportunity. We now have a special activity going on for gaming niched traffic/growth slots. We worked before with some E-sporters and streamers, this growth can give you more exposure on social media

How are followers been delivered?
The followers will be delivered through organized giveaways/promotions.
Your account will gain followers by people who are participating in the giveaway. The followers are USA based and Uk as the majority audience. Beside the GEO is this giveaway only with gaming niched pages so the audience you will get fits good for gaming-related pages.

We provide multiple packages:
3 day slots = 275$
1-week slot = 550$

(Pm me for custom bulk orders)

Audience : the mostly USA based (65%+)
Gaming related audience.
Age 13-25

Payment : Paypal - BTC (If you want it with a ticket the fees will be on you on)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

pm price i need like 10k followers ? how much?

Send my a pm