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Service type: Premium Instagram Giveaways
Price: $560 per slot

2020 has brought the end of automation to Instagram. The only way to grow now is manually. I worked very hard to find a method that works to grow accounts in 2020. Alot of people sell giveaways at inflated prices, setup incorrectly that yield bad results. Just because you are a big influencer doing a giveaway doesn’t mean you are doing a giveaway properly.

The Method is called a VIRAL LOOP GIVEAWAY using the right product giveaways, partnering with the right accounts combined with proper marketing, all while keeping prices affordable and reasonable.

I have managed to get the right formula together to get good results for worldwide demographics.

My giveaways cost $560 for 8- 12k Followers with followers from general niches that can respond very well to your content if you know how to use Instagram. I use a combination of viral pages and influencers with good engagement that know the game. There is usually a minimum of 20 pages participating in the giveaway. Go big or go home.

The key to the game is consistency, there is no point to do one giveaway and never do to them again. I recommend do ONE per month over the course of the year and you should have 100k followers with your account having very healthy engagement.

SLOTS ARE LIMITED. I have space for 6 SLOTS per MONTH. And they go very fast.

Everyone who knows me here, knows I focus on QUALITY, as I am very passionate about social media growth. I am continuously finding new and innovative ways to improve the giveaways for better results.

Looking forward to taking your orders




Finally someone who isn’t making a joke out of giveaways!

All I’ve seen so far is super inflated prices.

Glad to see this here. Something reasonable!



Pls can you dm me

Thanks, I am just trying to zone in on what gets the best results. I am confident now to offer this service on Swapd. This places deserves solid giveaways.

I’ve found Multi prize giveaways tailored around Travel packages yield the best results along with crazy participation. The giveaways get over 50,000 comments on each page, so its a good sign

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2 Slots gone, 4 more this month

Love the OPs banner :smiley: SWAPD username branding is now a thing. :smiley:


My man, GLWS bro!

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Haha, someone has to start the trend.


Boogey, its been too long!

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When the next one? Who’s the sponsor? Pm me if you can. Interested, thanks.

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I just saw tfue promoting this same thing. Checked the giveaway account there are many memes and onlyfans damn… eitherwhat on which accounts will you be promoting? let me know

@verifymylife can you Pm me more details on this wich accounts that will be promoting it etc…?

Depends on the giveaway. Each one is different. Sometimes there are up to 70 accounts.

Dm info

Let me know more details about accounts involved etc

Well could you give some examples of the accounts involved that you have worked with before.

can you send me the details, sounds interesting! :slight_smile:

I am interested. Pm me please

Everyone who has signed up for the next Giveaway, please leave your reviews.

ONLY 1 SLOT Remaining for March 5th Giveaway

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Pm please

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