My name is Andres, here today to offer my Instagram growth service. The followers come from USA and other top locations via the networks of pages I work with & my own pages. Previously, I’ve worked with artists and politicians to deliver this service, and all my customers have been very content with my work.

Transparency Clause
Before purchasing, we will review your page and make sure your account is fit for the growth. If I believe you won’t benefit much from the service you are requesting: I will let you know. If you still decide to go with our service, we will provide extra services to try to get you the best customer experience possible. We aim to provide quality services, at the best prices possible.

Services & Pricing:
We can grow all niches! Just DM us and we will make it happen. We provide discounts for: meme pages, entertainment niches, and models.


  • Story posts (24hr): $15-$5k
  • Feed posts (24hr): $20-$6k
  • Feed posts (Perm): $35-$10k
    Please message us your niche and we will provide you a list of pages and prices. We also offer a price match guarantee, we will beat competitors or match their pricing.

Per/k Growth (SFS)

  • 1k-5k: $150/k
  • 6k-15k: $145/k
  • 15k-25k: $130/k
  • 25k+: $115/k
    Done via SFS; niche specific.

Celebrity Giveaways

  • June 6th [Guarantee: 25k | Target: 35k-45k]: $7000
  • June 24th [Guarantee: 7k | Target: 14k-18k]: $4000
  • June 30th [Guarantee: 15k | Target: 25k-35k]: $5000
  • July 8th: [Guarantee: 5k | Target: 7k-10k]: $2000
    These are not massive giveaways, we keep them small for the best results. Prices negotiable, DM us your best offer :slight_smile:


NOTE: swapd fee will be added to all transactions under $8k. You must be ID verified to purchase this service.


Bumping this thread since it just got re listed

pm me

I am interested



Is there any discount for regular orders ? Lets say I bring 5-10 orders daily for 1k followers.

Also is it possible to drip feed the followers?

Hey! I sent you a DM.


Do you have some examples or results?

Yes sir! Please pm me and I can show you some previous work we’ve done.


I’m interested

is this organic? how much i need this pm me

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Please ID verify to purchase this service! @VERIFICATION

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PM me some results

Pm interested

Can you please provide information on previous clients? Results?

Special deal for the next client: 5k for $250 instead of $300. (SOLD)