PREMIUM INFLUENCER AGENCY | Instagram, TikTok & Twitter [Platinum Selling Artists, Car Pages Over 3.5M, etc]

Premium Influencer Engagements - IG/TikTok/Twitter/YouTube


Hello Swapd Members! We are offering shoutout opportunity’s to promote your brand/project/company through some of the largest influencers in pop culture. Give your project or clients a look that truly stands out.

We are a social media agency out of Toronto with a focus on Influencer engagements, we’ve coordinated multiple premium influencer partnerships in the past.

All posts and projects are subject to approval before we begin a ticket, DM for pricing and full list. We will also cover Swapd fee and transaction fees with this price).

Top Tier Influencers:

  • MurdaBeatz - 2M Instagram, 328.8K Twitter
  • Tory Lanez - 11.3M Instagram, 1.8M TikTok, 2.1M Twitter
  • OVO Chubbs - 313K Instagram
  • Preme - 379K Instagram
  • Blessd 1.6M Instagram, 1.9M TikTok
  • Roy Woods 1M Instagram, 167K Twitter
  • Tommy Hella Trigger - 2M Instagram
  • Cars Without Limits - 3.6M Instagram

Requirements for successful Influencer Engagement

  • Brief on the engagement
  1. Promotion description
  2. Estimated launch date
  3. Duration of the promotion
  4. Network’s you would like to target (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok)
  • Provide links to your company/project/brand’s press and social
  • Full budget breakdown agreed upon before launch (we can build this with you once brief is submitted)
  • Constant communication through planning and launch
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Please DM rates :metal: ideally all music industry, reseller rates preferred


Please dm rates

info please??


Rates for Top Tiered Influencers please!

can u pm me the rates for top influencers and celebrities