Premium Pranks Store Domain/Website


Domain name:
Website included?: yes
Price: $6000

Description: Original site established in 1999. This domain/site hasn’t been taken advantage of due to my being busy with other projects. The site has tons of authority and is constantly on first page and top 3 for ‘prank’ related terms.
So much opportunity with this site and just 8 months away from April Fools :slight_smile:
I’m looking to sell but also open to partnerships in which we handle operations in return for shout outs, etc.
I’ve had numerous offers from $6k-$8k from competitors
Currently getting 3000-10000 UV per month depending on season. April Fools and Fall are the busiest.


i have a few questions and can you add me to GA? if so please pm me thanks!


Do you get traffic from Google or also from other sources?


yeah sure. Just PM me the questions


Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing
And Referral Traffic


Still accepting offers.

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