Premium Pranks Store Domain/Website

Domain name:
Website included?: yes
Price: $6000

Description: Original site established in 1999. This domain/site hasn’t been taken advantage of due to my being busy with other projects. The site has tons of authority and is constantly on first page and top 3 for ‘prank’ related terms.
So much opportunity with this site and just 8 months away from April Fools :slight_smile:
I’m looking to sell but also open to partnerships in which we handle operations in return for shout outs, etc.
I’ve had numerous offers from $6k-$8k from competitors
Currently getting 3000-10000 UV per month depending on season. April Fools and Fall are the busiest.

i have a few questions and can you add me to GA? if so please pm me thanks!

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Do you get traffic from Google or also from other sources?

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yeah sure. Just PM me the questions

Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing
And Referral Traffic

Still accepting offers.