Premium Profitable Site Making $4000-5000 per month. DA 36. 70% USA traffic. Minimal overheads. Growing rapidly

Scoping out interest on the sale of an aged premium content site. Making $4000-5000 profit per month via affiliate marketing alone. Will actually do around $7000+ this month but 4-5k average over last 3-6 months. We also receive $2-3k worth of free products each season in addition if that interests you. We tend to use these for reviews, boost affiliate earnings and then sell the products. You could of course keep them.

Scope for sponsored posts. Nearly at threshold for premium marketing agencies (adthrive etc) which would further boost income. Scope to develop digital assets and courses if desired.

Site continues to grow. Over 70,000 page views per month currently. Traffic is over 70% USA based with remaining traffic being Canada/U.K./Australia.

I expect the site to hit its first 5 figure months by the end of this year.

Also has Instagram account with just over 44,000 followers.

Has close to 100 professionally written draft articles uploaded ready to edit and post - providing content for the next year (at 2 posts/week). Over 800 articles live on the site presently.

Minimal overheads. Site hosting paid off until 2025 (normally around $20/month).

Common valuation for these types of sites is 30-40x multiple of monthly profit. My plan had been to await 5-figure monthly profits and sell for multiple 6 figures. Unfortunately (or fortunately) one of my other ventures has taken off even quicker so I need to free up more time to feed that as much as possible.

If there’s no interest I’ll keep the site with relative passive income but thought I’d scope out the interest and offer up an opportunity for any interested buyers.


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You must be dreaming if you think businesses like this exit for 30-40x revenue. That’s 3 years. Way too much risk and uncertainty. 12-15x max IMO. I’ll offer $50k. Expires in 4 hours.


Hi. I’ve sold 5+ sites with this model, lowest multiple I got was 32x.

I won’t post them here as not sure I’m allowed, but check out any of the blog buying sites for info on the common multiples. One site will automatically buy sites like this at 24x multiple without them going to the marketplace - funds cleared within the week.

Thanks though!

Edit: Attached Ahrefs and Flippas blog valuation guide.

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I didn’t dive into this website. But if a big part comes from SEO traffic, those multiplies are pretty normal. Take a look at Empire Flippers.


Thanks - yep, no paid ads ever. Majority SEO traffic. Google indexes our articles within hours - often taking a page 1 spot almost immediately. This has been key in driving income up - easily scalable as can continue to index affiliate articles.

Will take a look at empire flippers :slight_smile:

What is the total revenue since you’ve been in business. $4-$5k/month doesn’t let us know if it was just this last month, for 3 months, or for 3 years it’s been bringing that revenue.

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Also why are you looking to sell it.

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Hi there. As per the initial description - I run a portfolio of sites. One has exponentially increased to multiple 5 figures a month - to fuel this site’s growth I’m offloading several other sites to free up time.

The profit averages over 6-months. The site was not monetised until then - though it has existed as a site/domain since 2009 and therefore has authority and standing with search engines. I picked it up last year, boosted organic traffic and then monetised it. The site remains on a significant growth trajectory.