Premium Tiktok Growth Journey - 0 to 100k

Premium Tiktok Growth Journey - 0 to 100k - Case Study

Hi mates, I hope everyone is well. Tiktok is growing really very fast and as it’s demand. One the beauty of tiktok is you can grow it easily + fast as compare to ig or fb + less risks. so if any of you have this in mind that what are we gonna do by growing tiktoks? Mehh!

You can sell tiktok accounts
Monetize them via E-commerce ( that’s the topic for another day )
You can grow YouTube
You can grow Instagram from tiktok ( takes time but it definitely works! )
You can do CPA ( after getting the bio link enabled )

So let’s get back to the topic, HOW DO WE GROW? Well, you need patience & Consistency that’s all. Just follow the same steps as me and you’ll be good to go!

I’ve started a new Tiktok account. And I’ll be sharing my strategies + stats to keep you guys updated with the progress.

So I have created a tiktok fan account of an hollywood actor.

Content: I’m not making an original content as tiktok is not that strict on content originality ( for now ). I’m simply reposing the content from Instagram.

I posts 6 videos a day (12am to 6am) , with 1 hour of gap. And right after posting my videos i go to the biggest acc in my niche and follow 20 to 30 of it’s follower. Every hour.

I use a lucrative caption which urge my user to comment and i use 3 hashtags per post relevant in my niche.

Tip: To gain followers and to make acc look less spammy usually we unfollow back people after few days! Which is called follow/unfollow strategy. But i have a Monetisation surprise for tiktok. that’s why i haven’t unfollowed the users. Because they will be needed in the future for us to make money!
I’m gonna share it some other day.
In the screenshots I’ve attached the results of approximately 10 days on and off work ( not consistently ). But from now on I’ll be working on it regularly and I’ll keep this post updated with more stats + tips.

Best of luck to anyone who’s going to start growing tiktok with me, comment at this post if you have any questions. Please do not inbox me. :heart::heart::heart:
Love y’all!


Right now I’m gaining 100+ followers per day.
Waiting for one of my video to go viral that’s where the real followers are :heart:

Awesome tutorial btw do you know about any rate limit for F/U on tiktok?

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Follow limit of tiktok is around 200 to 250 per day i guess.

And likes limit per day is 500.

Tiktok Journey Update #2

Nothing’s changed, following the same strategy mentioned in my post, following 25 / hour ( 8 times a day )

Posting 5 videos, Still gaining 60 - 100 followers ( US ) per day.

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Are you doing it manually or using any bot?

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I’m doing it manually brother

Any update?