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That you can’t do unfortunally. No tracking available.

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It’s a generic legal umbrella-clause if you’ll host any kind of raffle, promotion, etc… You basically buy/hold tokens and get tickets to win $$$. It’s a raffle so falls under this category.

I believe you need to thoroughly review all the details on both pages for consistency. As @GOAT said, there are many inconsistencies. (Not between the Swapd giveaway and the token concept but the token part in general). Many of the calculations appear to be significantly inaccurate. The roadmap holds massive importance for a project, yet most of the numbers provided seem speculative. For instance, deriving the Pre-Sale goals from the average number of assets a holder possesses X the number of holders lacks justification. 25M$ with that many holders is way above avg holder amount for these kind of projects. There are logical mistakes.

Engaging in a strategy of buying before reaching a 10M market capitalization and selling immediately afterwards is something that cannot be prevented. This approach could potentially trigger unforeseen dynamics, where individuals might purchase just before reaching the 10M mark and sell shortly just BEFORE the milestone reached, potentially yielding substantial profits exceeding $250K.

When it comes to the Lambo giveaway, be careful how you talk about it. It sounds a bit sketchy to promise a car. Maybe just stick to giving away $250,000 worth of premium coins instead and use Lambo just for the marketing to ‘imply’ one can buy a Lambo with that money. It’s pretty obvious that it’s a raffle, even if you try to say it’s not. Saying coin holders will get a ticket doesn’t change that fact. Giving out premium coins might make it less likely that the winner will tell everyone they won a raffle, which could save you some trouble.

Good luck with the project. Certainly ‘by definition’ some people should lose for the others to win.

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Holders dont get any tickets.

The numbers are very speculative. That is just milestones/goals we hope to reach. Not certain we will reach them.

Had a talk with developers regarding that. They gave a few options, one of them being a holder needs to hold the tokens for X days to be eligable for the draw.

We are concidering changing to only tokens instead of the option to choose between the 2.

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I have a opportunity to win 1 Billion for every one in SwapD tonight before 10 pm. Buy a piece of paper call PowerBall. :grin:

Hello all, thanks to some comments and feedback on this contest regarding legal issues that could occur due to giving away a car as prize, so have we decided to remove it as a prize and only keep the $250k worth of tokens that a holder can win.

And due to the issue with the price we set for the token in the pre-sale, we might need to change from pre-sale directly to get listed on a Swap. Still havnt heard back from the 3rd party (Wrote in the other contest about this, you can read it there), so until I hear back from there, please stop all marketing here as well. As the description to post with the marketing is not correct regarding giving away a car as a prize, and if we have to cancel the pre-sale, then that information would not be correct either. So if it doesnt work to fix, we might need to update this contest as well to something else.

So until I get some answers on what we can do to get this fixed, please stop all marketing for this contest.


hey @Logotyp24 i just attached my trust wallet but it show 0 balance on my usdt but in my wallet have funds how can i purchase this token

Hello, please hold a bit with buying. Also you have selected BNB, you got USDT in BNB or ETH?

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Ill check, but not certain we can continue the pre-sale due to our smart contract. As the once that buy in wouldnt earn any money on the tokens they buy.

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i’m trying to link my phantom wallet but it does not accept.

You are welcome

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You can buy with Phantom wallet on Raydium later, when we launch on the 15th of april.


some days ago i bough like 10k premium tokens for 1k$ and today after the price decreased i guess i got back my 1k$ in trust wallet and i bought an additional of 100k tokens for a total of almost 200k. is it just a glitch or do i the previous tokens i bought before gonna disappear or are free?


can we buy now…?

Is the presale still available?

The project has poor management on their socials/website currently, the telegram is dead filled with bots and spam with no moderation/community. I purchased pre-sale with Solana, then I checked their telegram and found that there was no pre-sale. I am now waiting for a refund because the website has not been updated and I just wasted my time, there is no pre sale like it says on the site.

This was my unpleasent personal experience.

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Please do not buy from the pre-sale. Its canceld, all money will be returned. You will be able to buy at a much chewper price when we launch on the swap on the 15th