Press on Google News approved Websites

Service type: Press Articles approved on Google News


  • 600€ for 5x (not incl. fee)
  • 1000€ for 10x (not incl. fee) (first 2 bundles @ 700€ + fee)


Will provide 10 articles (should be like an interview, with 3 Q&A based on your niche) on websites approved on Google News ) - This means that if you type your name (which will be included in the title) on Google News, it will appear in the search results

Please don’t ask for 1-2-3 , we usually do at package of minium 5 etc

We have a list of around 30 websites, you can pick 10 of them on where you want to get Featured

What does this include?

  • 10 articles, with a full features, about who you want. Your name will be included in the headline of all articles, will incl. a picture + a little intro section about who we are going to “interview”

  • 10 guaranteed publications on Google News

How long does this whole service take?
For every article usually 1-2 day, just for don’t made confusion. Once one it’s published, we move forward with the 2nd etc

Do we get our pictures added in the articles?
1 pic for every article

Will you show me the article before you publish it?
Will send you a draft version first , once your approvation i’ll send to our Contributors for get it published.

Can you publish on Forbes/INC/Entrepreneur,…
No, please ask to any other here on Swapd who have high access on it :slight_smile:

What do you need from my side ?
You have to let me know about the subject, so we can think about something who can meet the criteria. You want for a musician ? I’ll ask you 3 questions related to musician. You are a influencer ? Will ask you 3 question about how i can influence people on buy my product, etc

Ask for the list on PM with any other questions if you have !


PM list and is this good for verification?

PM list. Thanks

Will reply everyone shortly

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@SMM has helped me with articles before. He’s legit.

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Pls Pm

Please let me know about the publication on which website and is it going to gelp with insta verification ?

Bump - accepting orders. A client offsite provided 6 articles in 3 days all already in Google News research


What’s the source list?

Please PM sites

Can you pm me the list please

up !

PM me the list

Really recommend. @SMM is very Fast to complete and a fantastic person to deal with. Many thanks!!

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Is this effective for verifying my account?

For sure no if you didn’t have already something like other press etc. Of then will increase the price to 10.000$ + verification included 100%

Pm list

Pm list please

What’s the average DA of these sites?