Press Release Service ★FOX★ABC★NBC★CBS★ One Stop Solution ★ GUARANTEED ★

Service type: Press Release / Media Coverage

Price: 95 $ / 75 $


Professional Media Coverage for your website / brand or business.

Tier 1 Outlets & Affiliates Included: FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS & Telemundo Network.

This is the perfect opportunity to gain authority and get your business or website in front of thousands.

This is a Guaranteed service or your money back.

This listing includes professional copywriting about your business or website.

Our writers visit your site and determine the topics (if you dont have one) and come up with anything newsworthy to publish.

You business or website will be featured in hundreds of different news outlets, including Tier 1 major networks.

This listing includes:

Up to 500 words professional article
Premium PR includes FOX ABC NBC & CBS Placement
Backlinks for SEO
Guaranteed Article placement on few hundred sites
Report how many people read the article within 2 weeks
Report of all the sites the article was distributed to
Fast Delivery TAT is around 7 days.

Premium Package: 95 $ (FOX ABC NBC CBS)

Regular Package: 75 $ (Local and regional news sites only)

Niches / Businesses we cannot accept:

Harmful Content
SMM Panels


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Interested in this offer
We are an art/Music concert series announcing new projects

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