PRICE DROPPED - 49k Active Instagram, Top USA (10-15% engagement)





pm link please :slight_smile:


Link sent, check your inbox


Send info and price


Please PM link of property.


Plz send info n price


Plz send info and price


I offer 100


Lol, best offer till now is $700
Or did you mean $1000??? :slight_smile:




Hello dear,
May u please pm me the name ? And the price requested ?


link to page please? :slight_smile:


All PMs sent.,


Price dropped to $899

Whoever is interested, pm


I’d be interested in a post, is the $358 price negotiable?


Go and Ask BuzzWeb, they showed that information not me :wink:


You’re the one that posted that shameful ■■■■, it burned my eyes to even watch it being posted, specifically on a platform like swapd, if it was a random Facebook group I wouldn’t mind, but honestly ROFL, low-end marketing on your end.


I don’t care what you say, the meaning of the screenshot was not the price, was the rating.
You like it or not, not my problem, your problem :wink:

Ik tashi, merru me noi pune taten :wink: jo me punet e te tjereve :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Update, this are the stats of a story I recently posted.


Can i have your username to see first?