[Price Dropped] Perfect Stat/Viral/News Page Handle - 30 Million posts for Hashtag

Property type: Instagram OG Name
Why is it unique?: This is perfect to start any kind of brand and scale to much higher level.
Price: $3500

Description: Bringing to the market for first time. This has never been for sale on any kind of site. Comes with OG Email/Sign up mail.

I guess Staff can confirm, any kind of brand can be build over this handle. Looking to sell this as I have another life plans which demand more attention.

I would prefer payments in BTC as it is hassle free and quick. Thanks !!


DM handle please.

Pm the handle

I have sent message to both of you. Please let me know what are your thoughts.

Pm handle thx !

Looking forward to sell this.


Solid handle! Good luck with sales!

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Please send @

Great handle for someone. Thanks for the response

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Pm handle please!

Hey @Swapd , can you place this under premium if think it deserves.



Shot you a DM

PM handle please

Replied to everyone who have verified their identity.

PM handle thank you :))

Very good handle!

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Thanks. Looking to sell this. Please shoot me a good offer.