PRICE DROPPED - Selling 26k fashion/clothing account

Country of followers (majority): USA 20%~, Mexiko 10%~, Brazil 5%~
Amount of followers: 26 200~
Topic/Niche: Alternative Woman Fashion/Clothing
Promotion methods used?: I only used follow/unfollow and just being active commenting, liking etc a bit everywhere for promotion.

Description: Account is 1 year and about 3 months old.
Engagement of about 7%~ from the last 20 posts which is about 1700 likes on average.

This is the first account I created that isn’t my personal account and I simply got bored from it so that’s why I’m trying to sell it. I have made like 3 promotional posts/shoutouts for money since the start of the account, so it’s reputation shouldn’t be “ruined” if that makes any sense.
Anything else you’re wondering, feel free to ask. Thank you!

Pictures :

Hey looking to buy this one, can you pm to talk pricing?

can you pm to talk pricing? your ig user id

Sent you guys PM!

Hello. I am interested. Could you please PM the IG handle?

Yo! I PM’ed you!

Please PM property link, thanks

Hello ,
Please pm the username.

Tkank you,



Pm me your link

Price dropped from $400 to $325. So Bump3


Pm current highest offer

Highest I can go is $250. If you change your mind let me know. Best of luck

SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD