Private Network of Twitter Accounts Designed to Promote Your Crypto Project - The BEST and EASIEST way to attract crypto investors in 2022… and beyond!

Service type: Custom Twitter Network
Price: See Packages Below


The Crypto/NFT space is hot right now, and the #1 thing project owners struggle with is attracting investors for their projects. In a world with hundreds of projects dropping daily, how is it possible to make your project stand out?

By having a dedicated army of Twitter accounts promoting your project all over the place.

Accounts such as the one above (customized for your sub-niche & project) will be doing the following things 24/7:

  1. They will act as engaged fans of your project by liking & retweeting your projects tweets.

  2. They will tweet about your project to their followers.

  3. They will send messages to their followers and casually mention your project.

  4. They will shill all over Twitter under hashtags related to your project (example: #NFTs #OpenSea #BSC etc.)

All this creates an organic “buzz” around your project. This makes your project look more hyped while at the same time attracting new investors through word of mouth.

Now that you understand what this network will do, let’s cover the options for sizes and pricing:

Starter Package:

  • 10 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $600/month + $100 one-time setup fee

Booster Package:

  • 20 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $1200/month + $200 one-time setup fee

Advanced Package:

  • 30 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $1800/month + $300 one-time setup fee

Bull Package:

  • 50 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $3000/month + $500 one-time setup fee

Ultimate Hype Package:

  • 100 Twitter accounts
  • Cost: $5000/month + $1000 one-time setup fee

Accepted Payment methods:

  • Cryptocurrency (USDT, BTC)
  • Wise (Transferwise) → + 5% additional payment due to fees.

Important Info: Since the accounts are custom made for your project, the setup phase takes between 3-7 days depending on package size. After the accounts have been setup, they will transition into the warmup phase in which they increase their daily amount of actions until they hit our targets.

Risk Disclaimer: Since we are actively working against the Twitter algorithm with this service, we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to deliver this service. Currently, we are going undetected, but from experience I can tell you that this could change. In that case, we will work out partial refunds depending on the amount of work that has been delivered for any given package. Please keep in mind that once the accounts have been setup, the one-time setup fee is non-refundable.

Results Disclaimer: The accounts are designed to perform the actions described above. This does not guarantee that you will attract investors to your project. It will attract eyeballs, but if your project is not good, that will not help. For that reason, we do not guarantee any results with the service, apart from the fact that they will perform all the actions as promised.

Cancellation: You can cancel the service at any time and do not need to renew for a second month.

We reserve the right to deny to work with a project if we suspect it may be a scam. If a project is seen scamming the service will be terminated immediately!

This service also works for brands, businesses, and influencers outside of the crypto space who are looking to increase growth and organic reach

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Glad to be able to offer this to the Swapd community.


Very unique service. Glad to see more of this being created. GLWS op :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Until the end of this week I’ll be waiving the setup fee on all orders!

So how do we automate those accounts to perform that actions?

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The creation, automation and management of the accounts is all handled entirely by me. It’s a done for you service. All I need from you is input on what users you want to reach and which niches you want to target. This can be keywords, hashtags, similar projects, etc.

You can also give your input on what kind of messages you want to be sent, and what aspects of your project you want me to highlight.

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Reminder: Setup fee is currently being waived! Msg me if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Bumping this.

Bump :slight_smile: Shoot me a message if you have any questions!

Bump! If you’re looking for a great way to promote your NFT/Crypto project, shoot me a DM and let’s discuss :slight_smile:

First 2 on-site clients are being setup & delivered as we speak! Multiple off-site clients are already running. Shoot me a msg if you want to discuss your own private network for your NFT/Crypto project :slight_smile:

Continuing to onboard more clients on & offsite daily. Reach out if you want your own network to boost your Twitter reach!

First On-Site Review:

Reach out if you want your own Network to engage with your posts and help you build an audience on Twitter for your project!

Bumping this. All on-site clients are up and running, ready for new business!


So you create accounts and those accounts promote my project. But the accounts that you create - where are the followers from

Hey, the accounts will engage with users from your target audience and gain followers throughout that process. Let me give you an example:

If you are an NFT project on ETH & are planning to be listed on OpenSea after mint, the network of accounts will engage with people (follow & like) who have engaged with OpenSea or other related projects similar to yours. You can provide me with this list to target the audience you want to reach.

By engaging with those users, they become aware of the account and some of them end up following the network. On average once this is running each of the accounts in the network gains about 5-20 followers per day, depending on the specific niche.

Feel free to message me directly if you need further clarification :slight_smile:

Taking new clients.

Tired of not seeing any activity on Twitter? A dedicated Twitter network is the perfect solution. Let’s talk about what you need for your project :slight_smile: