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Where Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar?

Would love to see the demo!

Looks like Travel Advantage Agency no ?

No, feel free to send a DM for more info / demo access

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Thank you for demo login, I did a few searches and came with a conclusion that Only rooms without breakfast are worth it, however when you try to book a room with breakfast included it"s more expensive than booking for the same service.

Do you agree with me ?

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No. That’s wrong. Nobody can beat our pricing. We have rooms 50-60% off on most days in Las Vegas, Dubai, The Maldives, Los Angeles, etc.

There’s not a single public website on Earth who can beat our prices.

Please send me a DM to discuss

dm sent

Thank you for your comment @Worldstar. Our agreements are unique, hence why we can beat any public rate guaranteed, even those offered from billion dollar companies like Expedia, Hotwire, and Booking.

We have lots of happy customers and tons of great deals on our platform. We’ve never had a single reservation get canceled and have 24/7 customer support if any assistance is needed.

DM for a demo / access! You won’t regret it :slight_smile:

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Can I see any samples?

Check dm :goat:

can you give me a demo?

Hey Goat, could you give me a demo of this, please?