Promotion on 926k Viral Motivational Page

Extremely active USA top premium motivational page. Almost everything posted does great as long as it fits within the niche, positive quotes work as well. Engagement on the page is absolutely amazing! Extremely affordable rates with great results! Story for 24 hours costs $50 while each post will cost $40. Limited slots as I will not spam the page and all posts most be approved before we will accept. We will only do 1-2 shares per day. Also this page is a bit different than most.



-Update Page is now 926k and just as viral as ever-

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Hello mate, I trust you’re well.

I’m looking to advertise a Discord for Health, Mindset, Investing, Crypto, Trading, Manifesting.

Let me know when you next have advertising slots available!

Warm regards,

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Hello, that sounds like something that might do very well.

We have a slot open today when ever you prefer. What is the specific post you would like posted?

Hey mate,

I will reach out to you very soon once ready


Just send me a message, I might be around.


Hi there,

are you interested in selling the page?

Page is about 2k shy of 800k now and honestly, I have no interest in selling it. Plus if I was going to the price would be outside of most price range. If and thats a big if, I was offered 25k… I might but honestly likely not because I make more than that off it in a year.

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I understand your point. No 25k is too much for our budget. Would you be interested in advertising a new astrology consulting network ? Your audience seems to fit.

Yeah that could potentially do good. Send me a message and we can discuss.

On the 25k i dont think I would sell it for that even if offered

Info! I would like to be promoted please

Message sent

What’s the page url ?

Message sent

Interested. Please send me the link.

Page is now over 815k

Hi! Please send the URL. Thanks.

Page link, please.

Link please

Is this still available?