Publish an Article on Business Insider (VIP/ Premium Only)

Service type: Cover story on the Business Insider

Price: 5000


I’ve decided to end the low quality PR issues lots of people are having. I am offering very premium and unique outlets for serious people only. If you are serious enough to get this service you can pay to become a premium member first, if you are not VIP.

I am offering you the unique opportunity to publish a cover story on the Business Insider. Not a sponsored post, not a sub-domain, the REAL site. This is a real deal service. I also help with getting your article/story together with a focus on presenting the online image you want.

This offcourse is a legit article source for social media verification, google news and your online reputation


Whoa! This looks promising. GLWS!


Are there past PR requirements? Will this be published by a contributor account? Is there any risk of the article being taken down in the future, and do you offer any guarantees regarding this?


I sent you a message in case you missed it :raised_hands:

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