Pulsepoint Media Account + Taboola Acc

Account Type: Selling my 8 year old account on pulsepoint media and my taboola account.
Price: $250 each

Hey guys,
I’m selling my 8 year old pulsepoint media account. Has full approval for websites to be added.

Also selling my Taboola account. Price is $250 each.
Optional I will create you a brand new Taboola account with your domain for the same price.

Hmm this is new to me can u elaborate on this?

Pulsepoint media is a publisher network so it’s essentially a market place to sell ads on your websites where you set the minimum bid on a CPM cost per 1000 impression basis and then backfill unsold impressions.

Does the taboola publisher acc come with a domain?

Yes it does and If you have your own domain I can create you an account with that.

Check PM

Have replied to you and everyone else that has sent me messages.

Still selling this.

Pulsepoint media account is still for sale and still selling taboola accounts.

How much rpm, ecpm does it pay for t1 and t3 traffic?

You set your FLOOR CPM and then backfill any unsold impressions.

Pulsepoint account is still for sale.

is it available

Pulse point media acc is still available.

PM me. I want buy it.

Hi i sent you a pm 6 days ago, please check it