Purchasing Thousands of Social Accounts, All Platforms - $20k Budget - Tech, Software, IT, Development, Crypto Related

Country of followers (majority): USA, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Canada, UK, Australia
Topic/Niche: (IMPORTANT & REQUIRED) Tech, Software, IT, Development, Crypto, ICO, Blockchain Related
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic, Engagement Networks, Content Marketing, Viral Marketing

Total Accounts Needed:
2000x Reddit accounts. 3+ month age, 200+ of any kind of karma
50x Reddit accounts. 4-6 year year age, 5-10k+ link karma
100x Reddit accounts. 2-4 years age, 5k comment karma
10x Reddit Accounts 5+ year age, 25k+ link submission karma

Buying multiple cryptocurrency & ico related subreddits with 1k plus subscribers, real and organic community

1x Twitter Account with Followers: >1M
10x Twitter Accounts with Follower counts: 2x500k, 2x450k, 4x50k, 2x30k
300x Twitter Accounts with 500-2k followers

500x LinkedIn Accounts, PVA, must have connections, career history, photo, skills etc. Endorsements, Recommendations

20x Quora Accounts - Answering Questions - 1k+ followers
10x Quora Accounts - Answering Questions / Posting Questions - 3k+ followers
5-10x Quora Accounts - Answering Questions/Commeting History - 10k+ followers

10x Accounts with 5k+ Karma 3-5 year age
50x Accounts with 100+ Karma 1month-1 year age

Accounts need 1+ registration age, recent history of comments and/or post history
Best place to find & purchase these is here:
2x Platinum Member Accounts - 3 year + age
5x Senior Member Accounts - 1 year + age
20x Junior member accounts - 6 month + age

Youtube Channel with 100k+ Active Subscribers & Active Video Posting History (US Based Only)

50x Instagram accounts - Real followers, Active Commenting/Posting History, 500-1k Followers
5x Instgram accounts - 250k+ Engaged Real Followers

3x Facebook Pages 100k+ Likes - Active, Real, Engaged Audience
1x Facebook Page 500k+ Likes - Active, Real, Engaged Audience
Multiple Facebook Groups with 10k+ Members (Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & ICO Related ONLY)

Cryptocurrency Related Domains - Bulk pricing. No TLD domain names. Primarily .com or .org - HIGHLY VALUE ICO RELATED DOMAINS

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