Quality IG Growth | Celebrity Giveaways

Hi there,
I’m keeping it short and simple, let’s skip the BS. :handshake:

I’m partnering up with multiple celebrities to deliver 10k+ followers to my clients over night.

All of my giveaways will be hosted through major celebrities - I’m launching high quality only, no cheap ones, no unverified ones - I’m trying to be cheaper than anyone else who does this service.

Keep in mind that slots are always limited, thank you.

Also I think it is important to mention, that I personally partner up with the celebrities. I am not reselling anybodys services, that’s why you won’t find my listed giveaways anywhere else. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to working with you!

Previus Campaigns:

March 16th :us: Jay Critch


Est: 10k-12k

Current Giveaways:

I’m finally back!

June 6th :us: Rachel Brockmann (480k+ crazy engagement)


Est: 15k US Followers Growth

Finally: Booked a new campaign!

August 31th :us: SwagBoyQ

@swagboyq (1.2M)

(GUARANTEED) 10k US Followers Growth


How does this work he will share my post?

Pm prices

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yo tap in bro i’m ready

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Send me details please and let me know if any discounts!

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bump, few slots left :handshake:

Bumping this one

bumping this one

Would you have reseller pricing?

Taking orders,
@jaycritch 8k $549
Few left

bumping this back up

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Critchs team is super slow. Few more days to cop a spot

I’ll take one

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If the 8k is guaranteed I’m interested for a verified artist account

When is the next one and do you have any female (fashion/travel) ones coming up ?

I’m finally back!

June 6th :us: Rachel Brockmann (480k + crazy engagement)


Est: 15k

Taking orders now!


Spots left for @rachelbrockmann

Bumping this up!
10-15k Growth for $649