Question about IA for a big network of pages

Is it okay to share same link and same picture on multiple pages?

I have like 7 100k+ pages that I might be posting the same links on, and because sometimes lazy, the same pictures as well.

Does FB see this as spam?
Much of the time goes in creative content and the links get shares, but they might look spammy being posted on pages with more or less similar names and niche.

I will try to post the links at different times across all pages, but just want to be sure it is safe.


I am serious. Why do you think so many people lost their pages or lost access to Instant articles? FB doesn’t want you to share the same link on different pages no matter the niche especially if you’re using Instant Articles.
My friends whole network (10 million in total ~25-30 pages) got unpublished because FB found same links being posted on different pages. He’s got contact with FB so he’s getting his network back, 1 page at once but even get said it will take 6-7 months before they give his whole network back. Maybe 2-3 pages are safe at max but otherwise FB sees it like you have some offline deal to promote your website with the other pages.
Just don’t risk getting your instant article or pages getting removed.

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Okay, thanks, I get you. I still have a question though,

If I shared ‘A’ link on my ‘XYZ’ page and ‘B’ link on my other ‘PQR’ page, will it okay for me to share ‘B’ link on ‘XYZ’ page and ‘A’ link on ‘PQR’ page tomorrow?

This way, there’s a one-day difference between same links.

If not this, do I have to create separate articles for each page? I’m in real confusion here as I have four pages of same niche so all of my articles fit in all pages.