[QUESTION] How to advantage from high facebook reach


Hey everyone.I have a fan page(61k) and it got viral some days ago.Now it has 14m post reach this week.Anyone has an idea how to benefit from it ?


What Niche? Join some affiliate sites. They will pay you a descent amount of money for this traffic.


I am using my site monetized with some ads,but the traffic is the same as days when the reach was 400k.


You have 14m post reach weekly on a 61k page? Am I reading this correctly?


Yes you are correct.Now it decreased to 8m.


Is that constant or just one viral post?


Just one viral post.Instant is good too ,over 1m weekly reach.


But this isnt link reach, right? Sorry for the late response :smiley: No one ever checks this section.


No link reach,the reach comes mostly from videos.