Rare and INSANE 2007 Twitter Handle | Originally Owned/Operated by Twitter Support!

I’ve been the sole and secure owner of this account for the past 5+ years.

This twitter account is extremely rare. The name was created back in March 2007, and was originally used by Twitter Support staff to handle support requests from the general public, until it was no longer used and then released.

To this day, it still gets messages from people requesting account support, as well as random followers. Current followers count is about 4,200 (just random people who follow the account).

I work in the tech space and have owned this twitter for many years on my personal email. I’ve never wanted to sell it before (even after receiving many offers), but I think I will consider letting it go now for the right price. It’s just kinda been sitting there for years and I haven’t used it.

Over the years, I’ve gotten offers from various individuals/companies, including Twitch streamers, HR companies, crypto companies, entrepreneurs, marketers, etc. but I’ve turned them all down simply because I didn’t need the money at the time and thought the name was something nice to hold onto. But now I’d like to use the money to invest in other things, and I realize somebody could put the name to better use than I can, so here it is for sale.

-handle is a 7-letter word

I’d like to submit a Twitter support r******.
Due to a ticket backlog, we’ve been unable to respond to your r****** in a timely manner.

Hello could you please dm the handle