Rare IG handle with 2m impressions!

Property type: Instagram account with an insane username that has about 500 followers.

Why is it unique?: This account is unique because it has a 8 digit username with 2 million hashtag impressions under that name.

Price: $1000 OBO

Description: The account name is in a general niche and it’s a word that we use every day. There’s an app that comes preset on the iPhone that has the same name as the handle of my account. This can definitely be sold to an app developer or can even be grown organically. The account comes with the og email but the email is connected to a Korean mail server (@hanmail.net) but there’s an IOS mail app that you can download and everything is in English on it. The email and the account is secure and the account was created in 2011. This is the first og username I’ve ever listed for sale so I’m not sure what the true value of the username is. That being said I’ll take offers over the first week then choose the highest offer at the end of that timeframe. PM me for the handle if you’re serious about buying the account.


Send me the handle pls


Please send me the name



Message me privately

Accidently wrote here, tried to delete it but dosnt work…

Don’t worry about it:)

Still selling. Current highest offer is $350. I’m looking for $450 USD at this point in time

Usernsme send pls

SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD!