Rare IG KPOP Handle - Fast Growing Group *$1000 drop*


Property type: Instagram handle (5 characters)
Why is it unique?: Rare new growing KPOP group - Original name
Price: $1700 I would be willing to trade this handle for another in the Anime niche
BTC only
Middle Man only (through swapd)
Description: Great Niche growth potential! Great for selling and dropshipping
Absolutely No REFUNDS after purchase


Read the rules how it works
The seller pays the fees always here


Sorry changed.


Honest question. Why is this handle considered rare?


It’s a name of a fast growing Kpop group.


Ok thanks.


Can you pm me the IG?


I’ve posted it


oh man… if it was BTS then i would consider it lol


Feel free to make an offer if you’re interested. I was actually looking to buy BTS off a user that owned it but unfortunately, he’s not “available”.
But of course that account was worth at least 4 times what I’m offering for this.


To the top


Friend owned it for the longest time and sold it to current owner for a good sum of money. Now it’s listdd here for 30K+.


Who’s selling it now? Last I talked with the person, he said it was for around $8k-$10. Been trying to contact him but no one is responding.


Pretty sure my mate sold it to him for more. Last I heard Rey owned it before my homie Sin did.


I talked with Rey, didn’t know Sin now has possession of it. I’ll probably ask if it’s still up for grabs.


I meant Sin owned it before Rey, pretty sure Rey still owns it.


Oh well he’s not responding. probably not for sale anymore. At least not for $10k


Definitely not imo, probably why he’s ignoring you. Sin sold for $15K.




Lowered BIN as user on another site backed out.