Rare Real Estate Handle!

Property type:TikTok
Why is it unique?: insane potential for real estate
Price: Best Offer

Hi, I bring to you another real estate handle on tiktok. This one too has insane potential. Very few real estate handles are available and don’t ever come back on the market after they’re picked up! Don’t miss this opportunity. This account does not have a phone number. The email on file comes with it as sometimes tiktok is weird and won’t let you change email until a while after it’s been on your phone. I

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I’ll bid $1k lmk

Current offer is $1250 sorry.

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Price and handle


Price and handle please

please pm handle


Price and handle please!

Wont release info unless your ID Verified.

Dont miss out on this! Plenty of people wanted the last handle after it was sold! Don’t let this one slip by too. Real Estate handles always extremely hard to come by.

Bump! Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity