Re-activate FB and Instagram Pages

As many of you know we have close connections with Facebook reps.

If you have had a page unpublished or removed we can contact our reps to take a look at the case and see if they will re-activate the page.

Price for the service is 5k pounds - only received if the page is recovered.

If the page has more than 1m likes- recovery price is 8k pounds per page

Over the years we have successfully recovered pages before - its of course not guaranteed. Money is only released if the recovery is successful.

Will need to know why you think your page was removed - blatant obvious reasons like copyright infringements pages are unlikely to be recovered.

Comment below and PM me if interested in the service.

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What the hell … !!

Go sleep man you are drunk no one will pay such amount when they are not safe with their property.


if a page is making up to 50k a month in mid-roll the price isnt unreasonable

up to you if you want to get the service - no-one is forcing you too

Can you reactivate Instant Articles on a page?

For everyone commenting on this thread, we did this service several times last month at that exact price. So it would seem some folks are unaware how difficult to actually provide this service is, or the going rate. I have only seen 3 users actually come thru on this service in 18months and all three are at this rate.


we can look into it - its possible yes

How much for reactivating IA?

5k is the price for that

With this purge going on?

fb purge of pages

ye we can still try


no money is released unless the page is successfully restored

And then taken again.

I’m actually disappointed that SWAPD would allow this right now.


We are not allowing this right now, no need to get disappointed. In fact, this seller isn’t able to deliver on any of his open listings (he has three tickets right now and zero to show for)

We’re shutting down his listings until he proves himself.