Re-Opening, Enabling Fake Disabled Facebook Profiles



Is one of your Fake Facebook profiles blocked for ID Verification?? And you lost access to all the pages you managed through this account, or lost the access to the Ads Manager???

I can reopen this kind of profiles, success rate is 90%

PM me if you need more details about the service…
Required time is 7days to 20days

Price: $200 if you get access to your account and its re-enabled

$50 if I can’t manage to re-open it and the response from the FB team is negative, it’s very rare, but it happens. This is a fee that I have to pay to the rep, that’s why it’s mandatory…

I will accept only those profiles that I’m highly positive to reopen to keep the success rate as high as possible and not lose your hard earned money…

Thank You

Because of some changes Facebook did recently, the only way for me to offer the service is to have your email and password for your Facebook account… If this is a problem for you, then I don’t have another way to re-open the accounts for the moment.


Why don’t you raise the price on succesful opens and skip the non-succesful fee?


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I was thinking about this, but though to get 1 or 2 orders first, so I could get the verified tag and then go the route you mentioned…

Because after I have proof can increase the price easily…

Thnx for the advice


What about deleted fb pages


No, I’m sorry, at the moment I don’t offer that kind of service


Can you help with disabled Instagram accounts?


At the moment no, planning to do offer that service in the future


What if it’s a real Facebook profile that I’ve had since like 2009? and it was disabled 3 years ago.

The profile is my name, with my phone number connected.

Can you re-open it too?

I’ll pay $200 for a success, won’t pay if it fails. let me know if ure interested.


Would like to know more please


I’ll pay double , 400$ if you can recover mine.
But I’m a bit hesitant about the 50$ mandatory fee.
PM me.


Still available? I will pay more if recovered but won’t pay if it fails. Hit me up if you ok with that


Still available?


Yes, just send me a message

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