Reach Problem and Instant Articles

An unusual thing started happening to me since last week. I had instant articles on couple of my pages and I was earning $30-$80 on daily basis. Since last week, my earnings have dropped dramatically!

But not only the earnings, the reach also! Now, I can’t make even $10 a day for some reason. Does anyone know what should cause this?

Thank you in advance!

This is happening with everyone,facebook decreased the reach for pages.

What about the groups? I have a group with over 70k (95% americans), posts have with average of 100-1k likes and still the same?

I don’t know if this affected groups too.

Yes happened to me alsol, link reach is not getting more than 1k at its best, used to get 10k before.
Instant articles CPM dropped significantly as well, thinking about deactivating my instant Articles account if it stays like this.

They screwed up everything they could…I wish everyone to leave facebook so they can get what they’ve deserved!

Same here due to the instant articles in other words they want us to buy post link reach < paid reach >