Real Musician/Artist IG Verification at $3000 Including Press

Verification for Real Musician/Artist:

Only Submission - $2500
Press + Submission - $3000

Success Rate: 95-99% (Musician/Artist must be real)


  1. Again Musician/Artist must be real.
  2. Have Spotify verified and with 5+ Songs.
  3. Have genuine posts on Instagram.
  4. Spotify link must be mentioned in the bio of Instagram.
  5. Google Knowledge Panel

Time Duration: After Submission mostly it takes couple of hours to respond and to be safe max 3 Days after submission.

Unlisted because of shouting in the title. Please edit your title and remove caps.

I’ve edited. is this okay now?

Accepting Orders!! Grab it.


Still Accepting orders for Real Musicians!

Fast Service. Prices drops.

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