Real Musicians Verification

Service type: Instagram verification for REAL musicians ONLY

Price: $2500 + fees

Fast turnaround.

Real musicians ONLY


What is the TAT?
Do you need Access?
What is the success rate?

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Real musicians only. Within 30 minutes - 1hour of submission

No i dont need access


Good job


Verified offsite real musicians in less than 10 mins

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check pm

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Verified a real musician onsite

Cheap 2500$ :flushed:

+1 delivered for me. Recommend

Taking cases for real musicians

Just delivered one real musician verification on site

Big vouch for @swanky ! Completed in less than 24 hours

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Got one done for me within minutes! Highly recommended! :rocket:


2500$ is cheapest price?? Pfff

Taking more cases. Fast delivery

$2.5k is cheap if the alternative is paying someone less to NOT get it done lol.

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pm’d you

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Verified your ID @VERIFICATION