Recover a Lost Facebook page from (Disabled Account) / Editor to Admin Service

Service type: I can recover your lost facebook pages from the Disable Facebook Account.
Price: $500 to $50,000 - Depends on the page


Hello beautiful members of Swapd, As we all know the Swapd contest is going on & I’m trying very hard to win it, presenting you the new service to Recover your facebook pages which have been gone along with the Disabled Facebook Account…

NOTE: I’m Not recovering the DISABLED ACCOUNTS — I’m Only Claiming the pages out of disabled facebook accounts.

The success rate of my service is 100% – I will review the case personally before taking any orders for claiming the page.


Name of Admin Id’s + Email of Admin Id + Name of Editors / Analyst, + Page Link

Time Frame Required 1 to 3 Weeks

“hit me up for editor to admin service”

Do you have any services for zero reach page?

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No sorry i don’t have any service for that but I can give you a few tips which might help in getting the page reach back!

  1. Unpublish your page for a week, remove 1 week’s of the un-original / copied content.

  2. Publish the page after a week, make 2 posts a day ( fresh & original )

  3. Run 1$ ads on each post every day for a few days.
    It should be restored within 2 to 3 weeks I guess. ( Worked for me ) ---- the reach was back again but it wasn’t like before.

Hi man, do you offer Instagram merges also ?

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No sorry i don’t.

Thank you so much sir.

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