Recovering Disabled Payouts of instream ads or performance bonus 100% gareented

i am recovering your disabled Facebook instream ads or Performance Bonus Payouts 100% Gareented @55%

Description: Payout account will be back so you can keep working with your page as well,
If we start the recovery process before 20th of this month then payment will be cleared on next cycle it 20th of next month. Meta employee will divert the case to himself. Then he will verify a new payout and attach and transfer all the record to newly verified payout. or attach his old stable payout. Once payment will come you will get your part. 100% recovery guarantee. I am giving guarantee for successful recovery because it’s done through Meta employee. Who will divert the payment case to himself and then handle everything. Already recovered for multiple guys in local with big payouts with proofs. I will charge 55% of your total amount. Payment will come to verified US payout. Then I will pay you via Crypto/Wise/Payooner/Paypal any of those methods interested let me know Thanks.

Is this copy post or?

No it is not,
but i have some guys working for me to get me deals on %
let me know if you interested thanks.

Send more info in dm, please!

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Come Brother!!

Have you completed any tickets yet?

There are over 1 million dollars waiting.