Reddit Account (High Karma, Trusted)

Account type: Reddit
Price: 260 USD + Swapd Fee


It’s very difficult getting traction from Reddit for blog traffic or Affiliate Marketing if you don’t have an organic, high karma account.

Account is: 1 year old
Has more then 330.000 karma points, more then 2400 coins, Reddit premium for another 2 days.
Several times my posts got shown in front page
Member of exclusive subs like: r/FrontPageusers, r/TopPosters, Platinumuserclub, LinkerElite, EternityClub etc
Organically growth (it’s my personal account)
Can post on all subreddits.

faqe1 faqe2

Send link pls

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338.000 karma now and growing

Still open for sale

I would like to bid $200

Thnx but I have higher offers

Account still available

Price dropped to 320$

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link please

link please

Account still available

Hi, link please . I am very interested .

Pm sent

Hi would love to see this, link please. Did you consider keeping it and doing some more journalist stuff with pay for articles?

give me link

Pm sent

Still available


Please only bump once every 48 hrs of no activity on your listing

Sorry. Thank You