Relationship/Dating/Fashion IG @ - 10M hashtags


Any business within these niche guidelines can acquire this and make a killer in the industry. Huge potential for any user in these niches. OGE included as always. I will only provide username to people who I deem worthy.


Could you make this premium if you believe it belongs there? :slight_smile: @Swapd


Would need to consult other members and @Administrators. While the handle is nice, short, and rare, I personally don’t think it warrants a premium tag.

What does everyone else think?


Understood. Thanks!


Info pls




@Swapd the fact that it’s a 4 letters word with 9M hashtags makes it valuable. Valuable = Premium ? I don’t know for sure.
I do think the $20K price tag is a bit out of touch. Even though anything is possible, if you find the perfect end-user.


I do agree with you, but to me, this is on par with (for example) @door or @cousin. They’re both rare names, but are really that good? I guess I feel a tad conflicted here, as “Rare Handles” by definition should all be premium, as they’re rare, yes?

So, what do we do about that? Genuinely asking. I guess some guidelines would be in order, we don’t have any policies for rare handles.


Haha you do have a point but some are more rare than others. I would consider marketing value and tags when determining whether it’s premium or not. I wouldn’t consider @door is premium but I would consider @gym premium if you get my point. Both are English words with no prefix or suffix, but one clearly has more marketing value than the other.


That’s a good idea. So, the question here is, is the OP’s tag marketable?


yes it comes down to the marketing value of the @name.
First question I ask myself when acquiring a username is : “what type of businesses can be built on that brand?”


I would say it appeals to the niches directly mentioned in the thread title (Dating/Relationship in particular). I wouldn’t think of it as just “@cousin”, which I consider just to be a term that isn’t very marketable, despite having a competitive tag rate.


This exactly.


Can you PM the handle?


Adjusted the starting price and messaged you.


Please pm me the handle as well


PMed you the handle.




Please pm me the Handle .


PMed brother.