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That’s enitrely dependant on the person buying. For example, you might not consider @door marketable, but lets say I own a door frame business or I do a guessing game via Instagram on what door to pick, and you win a prize then it is marketable. I don’t think we nesscarily need to put guidelines to everything, and therefore I think the premium tag should be considered on a individual basis. You could possibly add in a voting system to determine whether a listing is premium or not, but honestly wouldn’t know how to implement. At the end of the day. it should be by the moderator discretion until there’s a better solution.


Door/Doors are marketable .There are a lot of companies that expertise in doors. but the seller’s handle is different, It’s hard for me to explain why I think it’s not as marketable as door for example without disclosing the handle.

A company/store for presents? flowers? jewelry? I don’t know. I still think it deserves the premium tag though.


Perhaps I’m being bias. However, think about it…how likely are you to be on Instagram looking at pictures of doors which is a very specific item or things related to this handle, which has potential in businesses you mentioned and more. I guess you can make the same case for doors in that you may be looking houses. Complicated discussion over a premium tag haha.

I don’t intend to have a discussion about this on my sales topic as I understand all of your points of view but I guess it’s just food for thought.


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