Remove/Censor Negative Reddit Posts | Only Provider Offering a 100% Success Rate | Guaranteed Removal or You Don't Pay!

Quickly Remove/Censor Negative & Harmful Reddit Posts & Threads!

We specialize in removing harmful threads and posts that damage your brand and online reputation. Along with many of our numerous successful takedown services on SWAPD, my team and I are pleased to offer this highly sought-after service with an exceptionally high success rate. By engaging with higher-level content moderation at Reddit, we are achieving a removal rate of 100% for all current correspondences.

Pricing: $3000 per link + fees.
Success rate: 100%
Turn-Around-Time: 1-30 days.

The entire main/first post is removed, comments will remain. The post will also be de-indexed from Reddit. De-indexing from Google is always attempted from our end, but this is not guaranteed. The post is still accessible via the direct URL, but everything will be completely removed.

Payment Options -

All SWAPD fees must be covered with every transaction, and must be paid via Bank Wire or T/ERC20. Pre-payment will not be required for members who are VIP and higher.

Permanent removals do not exist on Reddit. Unlike other platforms, posts and threads are more ‘censored’ than completely ‘deleted’. If you have any questions, please contact me, and DM me for example work/case studies.

Simply send me the URL(s) to the content you want removed, and I’ll let you know if I can help! :rocket:


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Amazing service, GLWS :clap:t2:

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High price, @TheSolomon offer for 500-1000$

Thanks for your input. The premium pricing is due to the fact that we can almost 100% guarantee the removal.

Unlike other providers, and just like our standard service, usually operate on a much lower success rate (50-70%).

Nothing is stopping you from pursuing cheaper alternatives. But, if you’re in need of the post/thread being taken down 100%, rather than taking a chance and hoping it goes through, then i’m here!