Rename your facebook page by yourself


Guys, i have figured out a way to rename Facebook pages and i would like to share it with swapd members. I have recorded my screen but the mic was ■■■■ and i don’t really think the voice is clear but its a video that I’ve made, just follow the steps and it will be done. Comment if you have any questions.

For changing tabs in the keyboard quickly : Ctrl+Tab

Here’s the link to the trick :


I’ve watched the video but I still don’t get it.


I am really sorry, i’ll just explain it in the comment.

The current name : Swapd Business
The new name that i want : Dog

Open the page in two tabs, on the first one just add any letters for formality like make it " Swapd Business1" so that the bot system would approve it immediately, if you make it difficult for the facebook automated system, it’s unlikely to be approved so keep it simple.

On the next tab give the new page name that you want which in this case is " Dog".

Now what you need to do is quickly change tabs and click on request change… To change the tabs you have to hold ctrl+tab on keyboard.

Then click on request change on the first tab then quickly(very quickly) change the tab and click request change on the new tab as well.This way we will be able to trick the rename system on facebook.

What i suggest is keep your hand on Ctrl+tab key the whole time and do it. Now if you look at the video, it might be a little clearer. I literally did this to my page 10 minutes ago i think. You can even check the page if you follow the link on the video. Let me know if you need further information @Swapd


Also, please try this on a very small page until you absolutely get it.


This trick works… making it public will get it patched very easily at index… Kindly lock it


MediaBoy, I know you’re against this as you have a topic with such services, but I don’t think we can put this cat back in the bag. It’s out there, let it be. You had to learn somewhere too, right? I mean, you didn’t invent this trick, yes?


I’m not against this… I’m against making tricks public which will hit google index which mak es the job easier for facebook to patch it…!! Just lock the topic and make it visible to swapd users. That’s yet mate. I’m all chill no worries as these kind of tricks anyhow will be patched in months…! Which I don’t follow


I am not even sure I am capable of doing that (if our script allows that). I guess I can make the text hidden by a spoiler, but not sure if that would work, and besides, the OP posted this trick from a 3rd party (video). So, it’s not like it’s being released here, the method is already out there.


The link that i shared is private, the only ones with the link can see it i believe. I thought this deserves a share in this community where everyone of use at least own one page and this might be handy.


are you also able to change the @ or just the name on it?


The username can be changed directly from the page. This however will only help you change the page’s name. Doesn’t Facebook give us the option to change the page’s username unlimited times these days?


Thanka for sharing.Will try it later


Tried it dident work for me


Checked the page. he has done it


This works on small pages (10-20k likes ) only.


I strongly believe this works for all the pages. i would try it but i dont have a page big sized atm. Will update on this in future


This doesnt work for verified pages.


did not work for a 200k non-verified page either.


We most be omitting something, as @MediaBoy wanted us to take this down and he is an expert on this. But I guess his wish came true :smiley: The method isn’t as clear-cut as the OP claims.


I never said to take it down :cry:… that’s harsh