Renaming Facebook Pages Instantly ( Rename Banned & Any Language )



Service type: Renaming Fb Page
Price: 200-300$

Description: Hello you all, my service will be verified in the coming week. And i can guarantee u 100% i can rename any pages (except verified) name to any name & any language. Interested pol can follow me in dm. To those who wants service to get verified shall wait for few more days as i confessed with @Swapd in back end…!! :blush:

50% off to those who wish to take my service now before verification…


You meant to say “my service may be verified next week providing the tests go well.”


No I’m that confident :blush::blush::blush: … it will


bump! i got interest!


@swapd any new information about this method? Is anybody tried this so can confirm that is safe?


With Facebook, nothing is ever safe, keep that in the back of your head. But, we’ve tested one page, it has been renamed for 15 days now, it still wasn’t banned. So, for now, this service is verified.


Thanks for verifying my service :heart_eyes:


hello mediaboy page name change im want