Renaming Facebook Pages Instantly ( Rename Banned & Any Language )



PMed Both


facebook took down my page after renaming


Please clarify that @MediaBoy never renamed a page for you, yes? You’ve renamed it on your own, correct? So far, every page @MediaBoy renamed is up, and we’ve been monitoring his pages for two months now. However, nothing is 100% safe, so everyone needs to know that there is always risk in doing things like these. But, I am sure most of you know that already.




My page name just renamed from @MediaBoy , trusted member.


Another page rename just successfully completed, looking good so far!


Thanks :grinning:


@Khaleej what was the circumstances behind your page being taken down? Can you elaborate to help others with pages out? thanks


DM me info pls!




Details please


DMed u


User just successfully renamed another FB Page!


Thanks :blush:… Service is still up interested ppl d.m


Another sale! GJ MediaBoy.