Rent News Website for submit FB Verification as Journalist

As many people know, having a verified facebook news page allows you to verify clients as Journalists & Authors - Contributors to the page itself

I have been offering this service (topic here) in the latest months and we have verified dozens and dozens of clients

You will have :

  • Access to our website, where you will create the articles and client pages (required for get you submitted as Journalist)

  • Trick to get the exclusive articles in minutes

  • You will be able to open your own verification topic on Swapd and resell at the price you want (for now, there is only one Competitor offering the same facebook verification service as me), I will put my topic on pause, with featured reference to contact you

The price will be high, very high, but it is intended for those who manage many clients interested in verification, so if you sell it offsite for $6,000, one client taken per day, in one week’s work you will have already paid off your investment, And you will have all the time left to go into profit.

If you have 100 customers or 1,000, the profit will be all yours.

Prices & Details :

2 weeks - 5000$
4 weeks - 7500$
8 weeks - 13.000$

++++ Swapd fee & all payment via USDT

If you’re interested on rent for more time, let’s discuss via pm !
In each package, you will also have a way to get verified your profile obviously

To those interested, I request maximum speed in closing the deal since I will be leaving for Thailand the first week of February, so from today until February 3, will be the only useful days when we can have a session on timeviewer, as i need to show you the full process -

No timewaster please


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