Rent Our 5.3Million Premium Page For 1 Week

Rent our 5.3 million premium page for 1 week. You will have permission to share 10 videos per day so it would be 70 videos in total. This would give you an average price of only $35 per share.

Why am I renting the page? I want to take a break from constantly being online posting and sharing and creating content.

Some stats from previous video shares below

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If you have an ad break enabled page then this would be perfect for you. You can also use page to sell products through video.

If you would like to rent for 1 month we would also be open to this.


Pm page link

What is the niche?

page link sir


plz can u pm the link plz

Link please. Also advise if crosspost also available.

page link, please

send page please

Pm link page

Link please :smiley:

Pm link

pm link
do you also sell post shares?

PM Page link please!

Check your pm

also let me know if your ad breaks are on it

what about weekly three videos

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Page link please:)

please send me the pagelink