Required to mention growth method for Facebook page

Many people are selling Facebook pages created with tricks. I have created a thread about this before. I think it’s a good idea, that people need to explain the growth method they used. This should be required, as new buyers probably don’t know that tricks / methods are used. Don’t forget the risks you have with those pages and many people don’t know about it.

There isn’t a problem with selling those kind of pages. As many people can make a good ROI on it. But new buyers should be warned.

It will be also easier to filter the “fanpage” section.

What do you guys think about this idea?


You mean boosted page with others CC ?

That is almost impossible to found out. But using threshold accounts and just don’t pay the bills. That is what most of the sellers are doing on here. Almost all animal pages for example (which are for sale on the marketplace) are created with this method.


Sellers doing this should be banned from here immediately. If you have proof, call em out

A lot of people who sell animals 50k usually pages and see like 99% usa and 1%other countries are doing it.

I dont think they are required to do that. They say they use fb ads, and I just got one in order. If the page gets banned straight out of the blue, the we have a problem.

I was in checkout with a member here in Swapd, and page got unpublished.

Yeah there are quite a few lazy sellers who leave the growth method portion out of the SWAPD copy/paste thread format and I notice the mods don’t seem to bother being strict about it anymore.

If that happens with my page I will escalate with swapd admins and get all of them exposed.

Some of them are well established members here.

There is a huge difference in using Facebook ads with or without (blackhat) tricks. It has also big impact on the pricing (value) of a Facebook page.

@kgjakovski at the end of the day. All Facebook pages which are build with threshold method (or any other blackhat method) will get unpublished.

That’s right.

Are you 100% positive they use blackhat tricks and not legit ways to build up the pages.

Yes and even if you ask the seller, they will confirm that they used a blackhat method. As I mentioned, I’m not against it. As I know many people (I’m one of them), who will get a positive ROI on it before it will get unpublished.

The only problem is that new buyers who don’t know about this method, won’t know this. They didn’t saw it in the sales thread and the seller didn’t told him (because he didn’t asked for it). When all his pages get unpublished or his profiles, than he will be mad as he didn’t know (and the seller didn’t told him).

That is the reason, why I think it should be mentioned or get a notification (flagged) somehow. Because this can get a problem, as soon as there is a wave going on and they all get unpublished.

It’s blatantly obvious when you take a look at several factors

  1. Page Creation Date
  2. Content and % of Engagement + The Types of accounts that are engaging
  3. Insights, if it’s 95% or more solely US audience it’s definitely an exploited page. A real premium page will have it spread across the top 4 USA, UK/CA/AU in a more realistic looking manner
    4)Page Management History
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What’s the reason for the unpublishing? Have you got some of these pages unpublished?

One thing people rarely notice is that the people that like the page are over 50-65 years old. I think that’s how the like is so cheap for the ads, even for premium audience.

No it’s because those are the types of accounts that engage with pets pages lol. It’s primarily boomers because they click links the most out of any demo.

Haha, ok…