Reveal IG followers location

I’m looking for someone who can help me reveal the locations of the accounts that follow me on Instagram. I would like to remove all followers from a specific country.

Is this even possible?

Not possible i think

You can restrict a whole country from seeing your page it will show as “instagrammer” or user not found i forgot tbh. Just switch to business / creator and you will have the option in settings. All your current followers from that specific country will not see you anymore

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Couldn’t find that setting

U talk about minimum age settings?

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If you have a creator account- go to settings, creator, minimum age, select the countries you don’t want and set to age 99. It blocks anyone younger than 99 from those countries from accessing you or your content.

Edit. Instagram has put a limit on the maximum age. 13-25 years old.

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That’s what i meant yes

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Yes i also trying to say this now this trick doesn’t work

Still here they just changed the age limit to 25

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That’s interesting, but yeah I tried it now and it is indeed limited.

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does this increase USA followers over time? Also would you recommend doing this?

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