[SCAMMER] 1.6 Million Full Active Followers -VERİFİED Account -



Amount of followers: 1.676.000
Country of followers (majority): TURKEY
Topic/Niche: Humorous tweets
Promotion methods used? : Organic/Follow Unfollow/

Description: The account is blue checked ( Verified)
Account is a very known account of TURKEY.
The account tweet display per tweet is about 200.000 - 1,000,000.
Next to the account, Twitter Follow and Unfollow Software GİFT!
The daily follow-up limit for Verified accounts is 20.000 people.
You can follow 600.000 followers per month by following 20.000 people a day!
Only serious buyers will be answered.
- All statistics for the account (demographics/fans/followers/traffic) are given as screenshot below. -


This guy will pull back the account as soon as he sell it. Avoid like fire.

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