Scammer Alert - Baton Berisha now has a team of thieves

Hi! This bastard, Baton Berisha, really doesn’t have any rest. You should really be aware of him or one of his team members on this platform

From what I’ve heard, he has now employed about 12 people that are working day and night trying to steal people’s pages, and they have made a process that almost got me to believe his tricks (he even has an office lol). I almost lost 2 pages yesterday because of him.

I got on a video call with one of his members and from what it seemed he was from the US. So beaware, his members could try anytime to make an account on here, from any part of the world

Some of their accounts are @amazingds (4.5m) and attractive.vocals (100k)


Thank you for reporting. I will convert this PM into a community warning.


He tried to scam me 4-5 times years ago on fameswap

Crazy how he was fearless

I remember he sent me his and his brother ID and showed me his personal instagrams

Like literally no fear of consequences

I honestly thought he would have been under the ground by now and instead here he is at full capacity


Even now he sends his personal Instagram account to people and even his Paypal account with his name and image on it

Either he is really stupid or he doesn’t care about the consequences

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He doesn’t fear consequences because he lives in a country that makes it easy to scam people online. From what other Albanian users told us, the law there doesn’t care about such things so he is free to do as he wishes. And even if they took notice, the law there is easily corruptible. There are even Albanian forums where all these scammers meet (so I’ve heard) and brag about how they “rip off foreigners.”

I was also not shocked today when speaking to our bank rep who said “we don’t allow wires to Albania from online panels.” I understood why right away :slight_smile:


He is in kosovo tho, which is even worse law wise
Edit* if he was in alb i could get him busted for online scamming


But doesn’t the IRS in his country take notice when he makes six digits each month, even if he does so through tens of accounts?

damn imagine you’d have to wake up every day with these people mindset. will never understand how people don’t feel bad with themselves after stealing money from others.


Its easy there.
All the successful models are corrupt gov officials, drug kingpins, businessmen who steal all the country money and resources.
So in their mind you can only be successful by shortcuting and doing bad things.
Not only that but its very hard to have a good living working normal jobs etc


I have to disagree on this.

I am well aware he scammed a lot, but did anyone contact your local police to open an investigation, and to follow the case.

Yes there is corruption, like everywhere else but he is a small time, its not easy for him to corrupt and I assure you if the case if followed thru international diplomatic channels and how the Police works he will be arrested. He will not be more than 3-4 months in jail but will definitely have consequences. Especially as I said if there is proof that a deal was made and not paid, whatever else is considered as proof.

Whatsapp msgs & Instagram DMs, if they consider as proof…

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I am not the police bro, but if your country Police considers it as a proof you should push to take it further and contact his home country Police.

I was trying to be more helpful regarding that he might not he punished by law enforcment in his country. He will definitely be if complaints start coming.

These pages have contacted me regarding the pages I have for sale also I can confirm this is true. They want you to delete all posts before sale this was the biggest red flag from their pitch sent to me ridiculous.


There is law in Kosovo but it is all corruption, same like in my country Bosnia corruption, IRS comes you give them like 500$-1000$ and they go away says all good

I don’t think this guy will stop due legal actions. Maybe if you harrass all his family members, businesses of family members, etc. There will be a small chance he will stop?


Feels bad to see that someone lost a 4.5 million account to a scammer


@coehn someone need to kick his ass good and send him to hospital for 2-3 months


But can’t the person contact instagram? Like if you have the OG email and phone number connected you can definitely get back the account right?

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We’ve tried that with Barisha, didn’t work. None of them spoke English or seemed to care.