SCAMMER ALERT - Scammed over 20K USD
Bodega Records (@bodegarecordings) • Instagram photos and videos (his record label)

AKA derik feinberg… Scammed me over 20K USD.

He got all his social medias verified by me, all his spotify streams are fake. Charged-back around 20K USD. After doing more digging on him. He’s trying to scam other people all over the internet with big charges.

I want to put this warning on SWAPD in case he decides to come here. No matter what he does. He will find a way to scam his way up.

I am really saddened by this. Losing 20K USD is no fun. If anyone can help me take his social medias down. That will mean the world to me.

I am now thinking of Legal actions.


Contact me

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You can take down his Spotify easily with artificial traffic

you mean artificial streams? All his streams are bought from the panel. I reported him from 4 different emails

If you’re really a provider as you always claim then you should already know it how to do it :laughing:

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If he buys 1m per day streams and doesn’t get banned. How else do you want me to ban him? lol

Secondly, What does it have to do about being a provider?

If you use lowest quality bots with highest speed with high drop they always takedown with such streams

Im gonna see who has bots because i dont sell farmed bots. but good point

OBN will probs debadge/ban him for payment but that’s a side of smm I have not gotten into to.


How did you take the payment? I mean, by which gateway?
If it’s PayPal, then was the dispute done via PayPal or via the bank directly?
I might be able to help overturn the dispute, but, need to know the details.

Who’s OBN if I may ask?

Nope, stripe payments via Credit card. He did big payments. Then chargeback everything.

All his orders were completed successfully
He never had any problems nor complaining
Then boom. Money disputed.

Why didn’t you used escrow

Avoid using stripe and paypal for big deals

He randomly signed up and deposited funds. And just placed orders. There was no verbal agreements really. Exactly how you use an Smm Panel. You fund your account, then you place your orders :slight_smile:

If he signed up on your site that means you have an IP log of the transaction and should be able to fight the dispute

you listed verification on smm panel ?


He disputed as service not received.

I am fighting the dispute. But visa/mastercard offers 100% win rate for clients. You’ll never win disputes. But I keep trying lol :confused:

how did you verify him? Through a agent with portal access? Couldnt you contact your agent to get it disputed?

Why people always have to spam the thread with irrelevant questions

Dude got scammed for 20k and all you have to ask is if he verified through agent or portal??? You funny


Stripe Radar didn’t show any potential fraud?

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